Lyle Troxell

Software Engineer, Photographer, Maker, & Father

My iPhone 7+.. Camera Good and Button Dead

I am enjoying my iPhone7 plus. The 2x camera is fun to use, and, even though I am a Nikon SLR user, I love the portrait mode of the iPhone with the software depth of field.

When the phone is powered off, you can tell there is no real button. I take it this design was due to the lack of longevity of moving parts, or, more likely, the perceived lack of longevity. Though the iPhone’s have not really had a problem with failing home buttons since the early years of the iPhone 4, is large parts of the world people use the accessibility feature that puts an optional software home button onscreen at all times.

Apple switching to a non-button button seems to be a good choice as long as it doesn’t make you feel odd… and I have to say it kinda does. I do get use to the non-button button, but every once in awhile you notice, really notice. And when the phone is powered down, it feels like it is dead.